Feline Handling and Behaviour CPD; Reducing Patient Stress in a Clinical Environment.


Would you like to hone your Feline Handling Skills and deliver a Gold Standard service to your cat owners?

The Feline Handling and Behaviour Accredited CPD Course, is aimed at all Veterinary Practice Staff who want to excel at Cat Care and decrease unnecessary stress in their feline patients. With content covering both clinical and non-clinical aspects of feline veterinary care and practical tips and advice on how your practice can deliver a five star service to cat owners.


Many Cat owners are reluctant to visit the vets unless absolutely necessary, due to high levels of stress experienced by both Cats and Owners. There are many stages of the Veterinary visit that can result in fear. This course will help your practice in offering a feline friendly service, to attract new clients, retain existing clients and encourage more frequent visits.



Alexandra Faye Taylor RVN C&Cert SAN ISFM Cert & DipFN

Clare Burrows RVN Cert VN ECC ISFM DipFN



Unit 1: Environmental Needs of Cats


·         Understanding the Cat and Fears Surrounding the Veterinary Visit


·         Overview of Basic Environmental needs of Cats


·         How we can provide these in Veterinary Practice


·         Educating Owners on Environmental needs in the home


·         Feline Social Systems and Communication


Unit 2: Feline Handling


·         Stress Reduction in the Clinical Environment


·         Feline Fear Free Handling Principles


·         Educating Clients on Feline Travelling and Post Hospital Re-Introduction


Unit 3: Common Feline Behaviour Problems


·         Understanding Feline Behaviour


·         Overview of Behavioural Welfare


·         House Soiling


·         Feline Idiopathic Cystitis


·         Multi -Cat Households

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