Small Animal Nutrition Advisor CPD


Our small animal nutrition advisor course provides an unbiased approach for those members of staff with a particular interest in the importance of correct nutrition


The importance of Canine and Feline nutrition is often overlooked or misunderstood. Owners’ increasingly question and investigate alternative diets for their pets. Our role in practice must be to support choices for these clients and ensure diets are balanced to meet the individual pets needs.


Nutrition involves a lot more than choosing the appropriate diet from the shelves. A deeper understanding of how nutrition effects health, disease and life stages will improve your confidence in talking around nutritional based questions.


Your clients will be better informed, more able to provide a healthy life style for their pets and have an improved relationship with the practice.



Katie McCaul RVN BSc Animal Behaviour/Physiology DIP Naturopath



Unit 1: Pet food industry


·     Types of Pet Food and Owners Choice


·     Legal Aspect


·     Calculations


·     Life Stage and Marketing



Unit 2: We are what we eat


·     Whole Food


·     Processed Foods


·     Species Appropriate


·     Nutrients


Unit 3: Feeding for health conditions


·     Common Diseases


·     Inpatients


·     Prescription Diet Alternatives

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